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Delbar Azari has been fascinated with light and color from an early age.  “I could spend hours playing with chandelier crystals, examining the effects of light going through different facets.” Her new body of work brings together that curiosity and fascination with light and refraction.  With the benefit of an advanced degree in electrical engineering, along with a fine arts degree, Azari has a unique set of skills that allows her to truly play with color and light disbursement.


By creating fluid line drawings in her computer, Azari begins the process of fabricating the colorful flowing art pieces in this exhibit.  Using a variety of synthetic materials, she has mastered the art of bending, reflecting, diffusing, and mirroring the ambient light surrounding her work.  Each piece has its own complementary colors and shapes, generating a calming sense of well-being.  Relying on the natural beauty of ocean waves and the Santa Monica mountains to inspire her designs and the color palette borrowed from beautiful spring gardens, Azari focuses on the lines between engineering and nature.


Delbar Azari is a multi-disciplinary artist with over 25 years of experience. Throughout her art journey, she has utilized many different mediums and techniques, including oils, acrylics, ceramics, and photography. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of Tehran and a Master of Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California. Her engineering background and attention to details serves her well in perfect execution of concept and flawless finishes. Currently she works as a full-time artist and is Board Member and artist member of Topanga Canyon Gallery.


Azari has worked with private collectors and commercial entities on numerous site-specific commission pieces both in the U.S. and abroad.


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