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Nature Inspired

Delbar strongly encourages you to come and see the pieces in person, as many details do not show well in photos. Please contact us for pricing and appointments. Our studio is located in Pacific Palisades, California. We ship worldwide. 

Tree Ring Blues
This painting consists of 9 individual panels, each measuring 14x14, for a total size of 45"x45" (varies based on spacing).
Multimedia on wood panel
Ink on Canvas.
Tree Vibes
Extreme texture contrast between the 3D finish of tree branches and matte white background, makes this piece a great focal point.
Multimedia on Canvas.
Golden Corals
Three contrasting material gives this eternal color combo a contemporary twist.
Multimedia on Wood Panel.
Oil Fields
California desert and the oil laying beneath is depicted in this eye catching painting.​ Use of delicate gold leaf and several rich textures makes for a great statement piece. 
Multimedia on canvas.
40"x 30"